Werkervaringen, technieken

1) I worked at blood sampling laboratory for a private Laboratory that had many laboratories at different healthcare centres in Stockholm. I worked there for almost a year. I had to learn a lot and I was able to manage the laboratory by myself for the christmas season. I really enjoyed my work, and loved the patients.

2) I changed my work from blood sampling laboratory  because I wanted to learn new things. I started working at Clinical Chemistry laboratory at Karoliniska University Hospital in Stockholm. I worked there for less than a year. I loved my work so much, because I was part of a big team that was working on different instrument and different analysis. It was a 24/7 laboratory.

Cursussen, trainingen

Diversen, hobbies

I like to do many kind of sports, but the ones that I love most are running, swimming and horse-riding.  I enjoy hiking with friends and explore new cites and places. I also like to paint,and do creative things by myself, and I enjoy creating new food recipes and invite friends over for dinners. I love meeting new people from new cultures and I do travel a lot, it so much fun and I learn a lot about new nations.

Wensen t.a.v. nieuwe functie

I know that I will do great at the blood sampling and Clinical Chemistry laboratory, but I also would love to work at Immunology Laboratory or genetic Laboratory to learn new things.